Kindergarten Recitation Contest


Nursery Rhymes recitation contest for KG
 (5 – 6 years old)
Participation rules:  Each school can send, 3-5 participants for all age group
Theme:    Nursery Rhymes
Rules and regulations

  1. The rhyme should be in English.
  2. The selected Nursery rhyme should be between 50-200 words.
  3. Word count includes articles, prepositions, conjunctions, and the title of the

Selected   nursery rhyme.  Contractions are counted as one word.

  1. The student must provide 3 copies of the selected Nursery rhyme, which are to be given to the judges prior to beginning of the recitation.

Criteria of the contest
1. Students will be marked on their accuracy of memorizing the rhyme.
2. Ease in delivery of the rhyme.
3. Student’s diction, pronunciation, voice clarity will be observed.
4. Student’s understanding of the rhyme and Interpretation will be taken into consideration.
5. Student’s body language will be judged also.
6. Student’s have to come dressed as the character of their rhyme.
7. Student’s confidence in handling the microphone appropriately will also be judged.

Day and Date of Contest:     12th,  October 2011  9.30-11.00am

 Prizes:    1st Prize: Book Voucher  Rp.750,000 + trophy+ certificate
               2nd Prize:  Book Voucher Rp 500,000 + Trophy + certificate
               3rd Prize: Book Voucher  Rp 250000+ trophy + certificate

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